いつしか、その響きを気に入って使い始めたTHE SUCCULENTISTという言葉(肩書き)。自分の理想の植物人を指す言葉ですが、あえていうならば”の”という言葉が近いのかもしれません。植物のマネタイズだけに心を奪われず、ひたすらに植物に魅かれ、集め、その規模の大小に関わらず自分だけの栽培場を作り上げ、遠くの原産地に思いを馳せる。そして、毎日、毎時、毎分、毎瞬、その植物たちのことを思い悦びを得る。そんな人々のことです。 

2019. 6.20 河野 忠賢

Welcome to my website ‘THE SUCCULENTIST”.
 I’m KONO Tadayoshi from Japan. Here I started to run a website as archives of my activities. I have submitted articles in bulletines of ISIJ, IAS and Kaktusy. And have posted pictures daily on FB or Instagram. I just wanted to gather these scattered activities in one place by establishing my own website.
 Once at least this website is open to public, I will also provide any usuful informations for other succulent growers. For example, I often welcome and attend friends abroad to Japan. Simply, I make pages where to visit or share any big or small local event informations when you fly to Japan. It’s my pleasure if you can find an entrance here.
 At last, I mean (my coined-word) ‘THE SUCCULENTSIST’ as my ideal style of being plants grower who never lose the purity for succulents, not fully seduced by selling plants just for money, moved by plants, gather them, create thier own growth room. And find delights every moment among them, even imagine the plants life in habitats after all.
 Driven by those impressions, I’m willing to describe plants’ speechless beauties. Beyond any hard time, I hope to make the dazzling moment for each plant I love. It’s my pleasure in my life.

Since 2019. 6. 20